Hand hygiene passes screen test

3 December 2012

Northland DHB staff now have hand hygiene messages at their fingertips – quite literally.

The DHB was already using computer screensavers to promote organisational values. It was Northland DHB’s Chief Medical Officer, Mike Roberts, who suggested they could be used to carry other key messages such as hand hygiene. Effective hand hygiene is considered the single most important strategy in preventing healthcare-associated infections.

After a comprehensive review of hand hygiene marketing material available internationally and within New Zealand, the DHB developed four variations, which now interchange with the organisational values screens. Adapted from existing hand hygiene posters or screens, they have been modified to carry Northland DHB and First, Do No Harm logos.

Feedback from staff has been very positive, with the humorous screens proving the most popular of the series.

“Using something new like this to get the message across has been a really valuable exercise,” says Northland DHB Communications Manager Liz Inch. “We are now developing a schedule for screensavers so that every project gets an opportunity to be profiled in this way, with a series to support our ‘Blood is a Gift’ Campaign already in the design phase.”