E-newsletter  #1 / May 2012


Waitemata DHB chose April Fools’ Day to launch a new campaign raising staff awareness about how they can help prevent patient falls. The ‘April Falls Day’ exercise saw information booths running at North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital to raise visibility of the harm caused to patients wh........ Read More

April Falls Day campaign carries serious message

A new patient safety campaign at Auckland DHB aims to reduce the number of falls by hospital inpatients, which numbered more than three-a-day last year. The focus on falls reduction is part of the First, Do No Harm regional campaign to prevent harm to patients from adverse clinical events and other care..... Read More

Campaign to cut Auckland City Hospital fall rates

Handover project protects patient safety

Northland DHB is leading a project aimed at reducing harm caused to patients by ineffective clinical handover. An agreed handover process will be in place by the end of June that will apply to shift changes for all med.... Read More

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What started as a handy guide about the safe use of high-risk medicines for members of Waitemata DHB’s primary care community is now set to become a reference tool for the entire Northern Region.... Read More

Spreading the medication safety message

The introduction of a new falls risk assessment tool is part of a package of changes that has seen a sharp decline in patient falls with major harm at Counties Manukau DHB. Since the Morse tool was introduced..... Read More

Leading the way on falls prevention

Making a difference in aged care

On a quiet street in leafy Remuera, an age-related residential care facility is methodically going about the task of implementing patient safety best practice........Read More